Widening horizons

GAFCON day 4, and  in many ways today it was about having the scope of my usual perspective widened.
The Bible study on Ephesians 4, by John Yates III (guess what nationality he is…. ) was brilliant, clear, concise, challenging and practical. He picked up on the recurring themes of the conference, our unity in Christ and in the gospel, and our call to maturity and witness. Indeed the whole conference has been so far a very real taste of that – an unexpected unity in the gospel across cultures and traditions, and a desire to reach out with the gospel, even to an unbelieving church if necessary.
There were another two sessions in the Holy Spirit mini conference, including today deliverance ministry and combatting false teaching about the Spirit. The university teacher on deliverance shared many practical experiences from his own life, including his own testimony of how, having been discipled to a tribal diviner, he heard the gospel from two really poor itinerant preachers, who prayed for his deliverance, and he was released. In two years from there a church grew and all 13 of the other town diviners had gone from town. Reminder that not every culture is as hardened in spiritual things as U.K
The afternoon was broadening horizons in another way., we all went ng it an early evening tour of the Nairobi National Park, which was wonderful. I was privileged to see lions, rhinos, giraffe, all in natural habitat. I have never seen such a big sky and big horizon before, not to mention the sunset. Dinner was hosted by Kenya’s most famous resteraunt, Carnivore, infamous for serving zebra, giraffe, crocodile and other exotic meats. Fortunately for the park wildlife, we only had chicken, beef and lamb options. I did get to meet King Banacoli again, who introduced me to his friend, who is also a King with an unpronouncable name, who it turns out is king of 3 million people in west Nigeria and also is diocesan secretary to 3 dioceses ( because they have recently expanded from one due to growth.)
The day ended with an FCA steering group meeting, and the relevance of the need for us to expand our horizons was not lost on us. If God is working through FCA it is with that bigger horizon we need to view – working not just to serve our own needs, but to reach to win our nation with good news. Pray we’ll learn God’s horizons, not limit them to our own.


As Rector of Cheadle I have the best boss of this and any world, the biggest extended family and the greatest of jobs- to share good news!

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